Who I Am

My name is Ian Ingebretson. I am a Philadelphia-based web designer who loves helping small businesses grow through effective web design. Besides building websites, some of my interests include the following: Live music, a strong cup of coffee, traveling, bad jokes, good deeds, and National Public Radio.

INI Design - Affordable Philadelphia Website Design

What I Do

I build websites, and I love every minute of it. I don’t just build the same old website again and again, though. Each website I build has an individual purpose and is built specifically to meet the needs of the business it’s being built for. I love building websites that will help people. In essence, my job is to make your job easier, and help your business or organization succeed online.

What Sets INI Design Apart

INI Design is built on the idea of creating with purpose. I will take the time to learn and understand the needs of your business, the successes and the struggles alike. Using this information, I will create a website suited to your exact needs, whether it’s streamlining business processes, making sales, or marketing to a new audience. A website is so much more than an a pretty online brochure. Sure, looks matter, and who doesn’t want a beautiful website? But don’t forget what your mom taught you, it’s what’s inside that really counts. This remains true for any website, if your site isn’t built right from the ground up with good content, great SEO, using the best tools available, then it’s not living up to it’s true potential. If built and utilized effectively, a website can be any business’ single most dynamic and powerful tool.

A few things to keep in mind

Here are some important rules of thumb I’d like to leave you with:

  • Not all websites are built equally
  • The more time and attention you give your site, the more effective it will be
  • There’s no such thing as a bad question, so don’t be afraid to ask
  • Bad coffee is still coffee, and that’s what counts
  • Estimates are free! What are you waiting for?

Like what you hear?

What about coffee?

I’d be happy to get coffee together and talk about what I can do for your business.

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