This D.C.-Based Organization is Doing Good, And Looking Good

This project was an absolute blast to work on. Throughout the design and creation process, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the great minds behind All Our Kids. I had plenty of creative opportunity on this website, and the AOK team provided great feedback and maintained an open line of communication. These factors resulted in a killer product that fit all of AOK’s needs as a successful, growing nonprofit organization. This website features great content, fine-tuned design, SEO optimization, and mobile-responsive design.

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Focus on Design

From the start, this project had a huge focus on great design. AOK wanted a look to fit their organization; Unique, modern, bold. With a focus on visually striking aesthetics and animated, responsive design elements, the navigation remains straightforward and intuitive. High quality photography and video elements bring this website to life.


Throughout this project, I worked with several people from the AOK organization to achieve an end-product that would fit AOK’s organization perfectly. Through collaboration and continuous communication, I was able to ensure that AOK’s new website meets every need that their organization faces, and effectively communicates their message.

Quality Content

As an organization that depends heavily on getting a strong, motivating message across to it’s visitors, good content is crucial. The team at AOK delivered great content for this project, in written form in addition to photos and videos. It was my job to make sure that this content can be found easily, and can tell it’s story effectively. This website uses animated and interactive elements to deliver content to website visitors in a unique and engaging way.

Finding Success

This project was a lot of fun for many reasons. The website itself incorporates many cool interactive and visually striking design features that I really enjoy, and I had a ton of fantastic content to work with. This created a situation where we were truly able to mold something great from the initial raw content we had to work with. Another positive of this project was working with some really great individuals at the All Our Kids organization, who are doing great things in the world every day.

The Short Version

Fun interactive & visually striking design. Great collaboration. Fine-tuned content and design for maximum effect.

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