Tech Meets Ease In This Robust Sales & Marketing Site

This website project had a little bit of everything. There was great collaboration with the marketing team at ByteSpeed, which was huge in making this site exactly what it needed to be for their purposes. A number of factors were kept in mind through the entire process, including ease of use, SEO, aesthetics, and quality of content. This project was completed while working at BNG Design.

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Fine-Tuned SEO

ByteSpeed’s website is a marketing tool first, and a sales tool second. Relying on steady amounts of heavy traffic, SEO was key to this project’s success, which is why the site was highly optimized for search from top to bottom, start to finish.

Fresh Design

The entire look of the site was overhauled and rethought completely. Several eye-catching features were worked into the site’s content and navigation. On the home page alone, you’ll find several instances of responsive and visually striking elements.


There was plenty of custom development that went into this project, for both functionality and styling. These areas helped create a highly personalized website that met specific needs for ByteSpeed. Finding custom solutions for clients is one thing that sets INI Design apart from out-of-the-box web solutions.

User Experience

As a sales and marketing website, it was essential to showcase products effectively. These products were organized and displayed in an intuitive format that is both easy to understand and use. If a user finds gathering information on a site difficult, they won’t stick around, which is why the design of this site needed to let potential customers get from point A to point B in the quickest and easiest way possible.

Intuitive Navigation

Maybe surprisingly, one of the greatest challenges of this project was simply organizing the content and navigation structure in the most effective way. With a massive amount of content to work with, and an entirely re-structured menu and navigation structure, I was able to successfully organize the website without sacrificing content or user experience.

Finding Success

This project was a lot of fun because of the variety of elements that went into the website. I found it very rewarding to see a big project with such a variety of requirements come together into a finely tuned sales and marketing tool that has helped ByteSpeed to manage their own website, adding new content on a regular basis.

The Short Version

This was a big project with a bit of everything. Good collaboration. Plenty of customization. Good times.

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