Truss Builder Builds Sustainable Website

Coming into this project, the client had several clear goals in mind. That helped us to map out exactly which features needed to be included in their new website. This website serves multiple purposes, including as a marketing tool and as a work resource for their own team as well as their own clients. In addition to specific feature requests, details such as SEO, responsive design, and user-friendly navigation structure were kept in mind from start to finish. This project was completed while working at BNG Design.

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Fine-Tuned SEO

One of Fargo Truss’ main uses for their website is as a marketing tool, which makes search engine optimization very important. INI Design uses SEO best practices on every facet of each project from start to finish, ensuring that Fargo Truss’ website is performing to it’s full capability in search.

Clean Design

One of the primary client requests for this website was a clean and simple design. Something without clutter, and something that was easy enough for any user to understand and navigate. For this reason, creating something highly intuitive and very clean was of top priority.


At the start of the project, there wasn’t much media to work with. Something that we discussed was the addition of photos and video into the website. The content management system (CMS) allowed the client to continue adding photos and video to the site well after the project was finished and handed off. This is a great example of a client taking control of their website to keep content fresh and continually improve their SEO with the addition of new content.

Responsive Design

Making sure that the website was fully responsive in it’s design was crucial, as with any new web project. Many first impression will be made by users on their mobile devices. All content, media, and navigation must scale and restructure itself in an intuitive and aesthetically-pleasing manner for devices such as tablets and smartphones.

The Short Version

This project needed a simple, clean design. Good CMS utilization by client. Worked to meet business-specific needs.

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