A Creative Site To Fit This Artist's Creative Vision

This project was a great collaboration. Working with artists always offers fantastic opportunities for creative design and function on a website. Frank is an acclaimed, world-touring hip hop artist with a strong voice and a powerful message that precedes him. This website, much like Frank’s music, is bold and creative. This website has straightforward, intuitive navigation mixed with a visually striking design. SEO, quality content, and responsive design are also featured on this project.

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Bold Visuals

Frank Waln is a bold artist, and it’s only fitting that his website should share in some of that artistic confidence. Frank and his team knew what they were looking for coming into this project. As creatives, Frank’s team had a vision for this website, and it was my job to help get them achieve the look and functionality they were seeking.

Creative Freedom

Frank and his team have absolute freedom with their website going forward. Built on a flexible platform with longevity in mind, this website can grow and transform along with Frank’s creative vision. Instead of having to start from scratch the next time major content changes or a design overhaul are needed, this website can be updated and customized, ultimately saving time and money. The sky is the limit.

Unique Features

As a musician, Frank Waln’s website has needs that most websites don’t. One of these unique features is displaying Frank’s recent releases. This area displays album artwork and animated links. Another feature that was crucial for this website was the events section and page. Frank and his team can add events anytime, and users can see the list of upcoming events displayed in an intuitive, yet unique way.

Responsive Design

This is a crucial aspect of any modern website. A website in today’s world need’s responsive design, as using the web from a mobile device is part of a daily routine for most of us. Frank’s website is fully responsive, and will look good and work well on any mobile device.

The Short Version

Creativity meets functionality. Bold visuals. Infinite possibility for future growth and transformation.

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