Finding Accessibility Becomes Accessible

This project entailed adding a specific feature to Freedom Resource Center’s website. That feature is a search function that allows users to find the accessibility ratings of local businesses. Freedom Resource Center takes on the task of going out to individual business locations and rating the location based on their accessibility criteria. They are then able to take that data and simply enter into their website using the content management system (CMS), and it’s as easy as that. The search feature allows users to search based on a dropdown of search categories, and also type in specific search terms to pull up a list of businesses matching that term. Each listing contains the basic business info, the accessibility rating, and a map linking to Google Maps, with the location pinpointed. This project was completed while working at BNG Design.

Accessible Business Finder - INI Web Design - Custom Websites Philadelphia, PA
Customized Search Feature - INI Web Design - Professional Websites Philadelphia, PA
Search Listing - INI Web Design - Philadelphia, PA

The Short Version

Specific search feature request. Built out and trained client on simple data entry for continued growth of search database.

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