Gaming Startup Goes Ecommerce

This project was a true start to finish collaboration. As a startup, Gravity Gaming offered a ton of fun opportunities for creative design. It definitely didn’t hurt that the marketing team I worked alongside with at Gravity Gaming wasn’t afraid to go for something “out of the ordinary”. This website featured a bold design, though I kept important details in the forefront of the project, such as intuitive navigation, SEO, quality content, and responsive design. This project was completed while working at BNG Design.

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Fine-Tuned SEO

Gravity Gaming’s website is an ecommerce site, so online sales are important. In any ecommerce site, high-volume traffic is a huge plus. I optimized every facet of the project with SEO best practices to help ensure steady amounts of high traffic, as well as continued growth as new content and products are added.

Bold Design

As a brand new, first-time website, the door was wide-open for creative possibility. Gravity Gaming was looking for a bold design that appeals to much of the PC gaming market. A dark palette with powerful accents and a number of striking visual features gave them exactly what they were looking for.


This website was filled with design and feature customizations that help to give the site a unique look and feel. Every site is different and has it’s own specific needs that may be unique to that website alone. Overcoming one-of-a-kind challenges such as these to help clients find success is just one of many things that sets INI Design apart from out-of-the-box website solutions.

User Experience

Although edgier than most designs, this website still avoids coming across as “busy”, and employs simple navigation and an intuitive user experience. Getting potential customers from point A to point B quickly while keeping them interested with good content and features was important for this ecommerce site’s success.

Responsive Design

As with any website, making sure that responsive design was incorporated successfully was crucial to this project. An ecommerce website has it’s own specific needs when it comes to responsive design. Product pages and displays needed to look great, as many potential customers will be viewing these products from their mobile device to make a first impression.

Continued Growth

The first couple of months that this site was live was obviously a period of tremendous growth, since there was no previous bar set. This website has done a great job of finding continued growth through the continuation of adding new content and maintaining the site successfully.

The Short Version

Really fun project for a gaming startup. Bold ecommerce design. Great custom elements and continued growth.

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