Auto Detailers Get A Detailed Marketing Site

This business marketing website came together through a lot of discussion and collaboration of ideas. The team at Limitless Car Care had plenty of good ideas, and will surely come up with plenty more as they grow and evolve. Their new website is completely scalable with their business, which will allow for continued growth of the website if new content and features are added at any point in the future. Throughout this website project, a focal point was set on quality content, great SEO, completely responsive design, and a simple navigation structure. This project was completed while working at BNG Design.

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Fine-Tuned SEO

As a marketing website that provides useful information about auto detailing to users, search engine optimization was crucial to this project. Throughout the duration of the project, SEO best practices were used throughout the site. This will ensure that the Limitless website performs to it’s maximum capability in search.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

This website is very reliant on photos, even more-so than most. Not only is this a marketing website, but a website in an industry that can clearly show the quality of work in a photograph. As auto detailers, Limitless Car Care can take photos of their work to show the high quality of service, which led to a website that implements an array of visually-striking photo features.

Intuitive Navigation

Limitless offers a wide array of auto detailing and cleaning services, so creating a user-friendly way to navigate through the site and actually find what you’re looking for was important. The services section of the website is robust, but set up in a way that doesn’t overwhelm or confuse potential customers. The main objective is to get people the information they’re searching for quickly and in as few steps as possible. The navigation on this site is set up to do just that, as well as provide great SEO value.

Responsive Design

Many users are bound to see this website as they’re out and about and think “hey, now would be a good time to get my vehicle detailed”. That is important information to me, since it means a large amount of people will be viewing this website on their mobile device. INI Design builds every site to be fully responsive to any size device.

The Short Version

Great collaboration. Photo-centric design. In good position for future growth.

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