More Than Just A Fitness Website

This website was built to be as versatile as possible, with the ability to transform and add any content at any time. The content management system provided allows for exactly that. This website is completely scalable and provides MPX with the ability to add anything to their website. Throughout the building process, aspects such SEO, responsive design, and quality content stayed at the forefront. This project was completed while working at BNG Design.

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Fine-Tuned SEO

As a website that does it all, search engine optimization is as important as ever. Whether as a marketing website, an online store, an informational resource, or a promotion tool, the website needs great SEO to perform it’s best. This website was built with SEO best practices from top to bottom.

Bold Design

This website allowed for a lot of creative opportunity. It definitely helped that I had stellar professional photos to work with as well. This website includes custom-designed images and a striking, modern color palette and typography selection to match.

Responsive Design

Regardless of what section of the website a user is viewing, or why they are, there is a decent chance they’re doing so from their mobile device. Which is exactly why every single INI Design website is build to be completely mobile responsive to any size device or screen size.

User Experience

Although this website covers many bases, there is no reason for the user experience to suffer. Clear and concise direction allows for users to get to what they’re searhing for quickly and easily. Although a bold design, it has been kept free of clutter as well, making it easier to navigate.

The Short Version

Bold and visually striking design. Online store, forms, sign ups, and more. Totally scalable.

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