Law Firm Gets A Modern Redesign

This project’s primary focus was to take an outdated website and bring it into the future with a fresh redesign and features that will allow for better online success. Besides the visual redesign, the project was focused on providing great SEO and content, as well as a fully responsive design. This project was completed while working at BNG Design.

Home Slider Feature - INI Web Design - Custom Websites Philadelphia, PA
Practice Areas Layout - INI Web Design - Business Websites Philadelphia, PA
Law Page Layout - INI Web Design - Small Business Websites Philadelphia, PA
Profile Page - INI Web Design - Professional Websites Philadelphia, PA
Newsletters Page - INI Web Design - Affordable Websites Philadelphia, PA
Home Page Layout- INI Web Design - Professional Websites Philadelphia, PA

Fine-Tuned SEO

This website is used as a form of marketing as well as a resource for information. In order to achieve steady amounts of high traffic and a growing user-base going forward, search engine optimization is very important. This website was created with SEO best practices from start to finish.

Fresh Design

Not only did this website get an entirely new look, but new and updated content as well. I took this new and updated content into account while designing this website. Visual features such as sliding headers, grid-style content, and full-width elements were used to bring a modern feel to the site.

Responsive Design

In order for users to find and use this website successfully on any device, responsive design was crucial. INI Design builds every single site with fully responsive design for devices of all sizes.

User Experience

This site contains plenty of content and information. Creating a user-friendly way to navigate through all of the information on this website was important. An intuitive navigation structure and simple visual layouts were used to ensure that users will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

The Short Version

Fresh look. New features. Easier to manage and update.

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