Luxury Vehicles Are Getting Some Extra Flair With This Ecommerce Site

This website project was a start-up come to life in it’s truest form. At the start, there was simply an idea, and upon that idea an Ecommerce business was built. The true focus of this site is in it’s function as a sales tool. It was important that this website was capable of selling products not only locally, or even nationwide, but world-wide.

INI Web Design Portfolio - Tesla Lights - Home Page
INI Web Design Portfolio - Tesla Lights - Order Products Page
INI Web Design Portfolio - Tesla Lights - Product Page
INI Web Design Portfolio - Tesla Lights - Installation Page

Intuitive Design

People making purchases from this website come from all backgrounds. People of different ages, professions, parts of the world, etc, who share one common interest: making their Tesla look great and stand out from the rest. Understandably, it was very important that the layout and navigation of the website be as simple and straightforward as possible, so every customer has a great experience.

Modern Look

Much like the modern designs of each visitor’s vehicle, the look of this website is modern and minimalist. There is no extra clutter to distract from the site’s primary purpose, selling a great product. This website gives users a brief introduction, and gets them on their way toward looking at the product itself, or getting a potential question answered.


The main focus of this website is to create a quick, easy, and pain-free buying experience. Customers find what they’re looking for quickly, select their customization options, fill in the necessary shipping information, select a payment method, and they’re on their way to having one of the coolest rides on the road.

Room To Grow

This website was built with potential expansion in mind. At any point in the future, new products, or even entire product lines, can be added. This business has as much room as it needs to grow into the future, making this website a long-term solution for a quickly-growing start-up business.

The Short Version

This was an Ecommerce project with some custom processes. Good collaboration with a growing start-up.

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